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Melton Centre’s Technology-Based Jewish Education
In Internet age, information technologies include not only technological tools but also an environment where the dynamics of teaching and learning can take place. The development of these technologies has led to the creation of their practical application, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC). CMC has enabled the development of a variety of models for education and professional development. These models integrate modern technological communicational tools and varied models of educational theory.

The Melton Centre’s Technology-Based Education Unit deals with the development of a modern system which integrates a pedagogical approach with the use of appropriate technological tools. The work of the unit focuses on building a virtual platform for online courses and distance learning, development of appropriate pedagogical tools, and technological support and assistance to the faculty of the center in using new technologies in research and education.

We provide:

“Traditional” education with integrated offline technologies (presentations, video, etc.)
Web facilitated learning (courses with accompanying websites that support course activity)
Blended learning (courses with both online and classroom components) in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Russian.
Online learning. We offer distance learning courses for Jewish education (in Israel education, Jewish history, Jewish texts, Jewish philosophy and more) in English, Spanish and Russian.

Contact: +972 2-588-1238

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