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Status : EMERITUS Birth place : FRANKFURT A/M.
Office Phone: 02-642-4793 Fax: 02-642-6016
Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
External Academic Positions and Awards
Visiting Prof., Columbia Univ., 1970-71
Visiting Scientist: Univ. of Oregon, 1980-81; Inst. for Ad-
vanced Study, Berlin, 1983-84;
Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1990-91;
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univ., 1995-96.
Awards and Honors:
Rafi Freund Prize, 1984
Research Interests
The history of genetics; meaning of concepts in genetics.
Eugenics past and present. Epistemology and the history of genetic
Research Projects
History and philosophy of genetics:
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
The allusion of the gene: Misunderstandings of the concepts 2014
On the nature of the gene (Essay review). (Reviewing P.R. Sloan, 2013
The forgotten dispute: A.I. Oparin and H.J. Muller on the origin 2012
Race. In: 2011
Evolution as progressing complexity. In: 2011
Mutagenesis as a genetic research strategy. (doi: 2010
Eugenics and the Jews. In: 2010
Review essay: M. Ruse, ed. Thomas Henry Huxley: Evolution 2010
What is a gene? - Revisited. 2010
Genetic Analysis: A History of Genetic Thinking. 2009
Subjective patterns of randomness and choice: Some consequences 2009
Wilhelm Johannsen: A rebel or a diehard? In: 2008
Molecular genetics: Increasing the resolving power of genetic 2008
Why should scientists become historians? In: 2007
Three Zionist men of science: Between nature and nurture. In: 2007
The Human Genome Project and its implications. In: 2007
Genetic analysis. In: 2007
Zionism and the Biology of the Jews. Tel-Aviv, Resling, 2006
Zionism, race and eugenics. In: 2006
Mendel's impact. 2006
Genetics. In: 2006
Mendel's impact. In: 2005
Nervous diseases and eugenics of the Jews: A view from 1918. 2004
Long live the genome! So should the gene. 2004
Applying and extending the notion of genetic linkage: The first 2004
Linkage: From particulate to interactive genetics. 2003
How many chromosomes? 2003
The emergence of German geneticists from the Swastika. In: 2003
The eugenic dimension of the settlement of Palestine. 2002
Goldschmidt, Elisabeth (1912-1970). In: 2002
Mendel's hypothesis. In: 2001
The rise and fall of dominance. 2001
The Concept of the Gene in Development and Evolution, 2000
The gene - A concept in tension (Final review). In: 2000
The organism as a necessary entity of evolution. In: 2000
Can the norm of reaction save the gene concept? In: 2000
Scientific responsibility and political context: The case of 1999
Eugenics denied (Letter to the editor). (January 15, 1998). 1998
Zionism and the biology of the Jews. In: 1998
Eugenic Thought and Practice: A Reappraisal (Science in 1998
Muller on development. 1997
Inheritance: Transmission and development. In: 1997
The pre-eminence of man and the lack of god: Comments on Shmuel 1997
Sensationalism and responsibility in scientific research 1996
The struggle of genetics for independence. 1995
In the beginning? 1994
Letters of a Doctor from the Cyprus Camps. Letters of 1994
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology, by K. Hahlweg and 1994
Morgan's hypothesis of genetic control of development. 1993
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. 1993
Evolutionary epistemology: What phenotype is selected and which 1993
Harmony from discord: A critical review of Leo W. Buss, The 1992
Is biology taking over philosophy? 1992
The real objective of Mendel's paper: A response to Monaghan and 1991
On causality, heritability and fitness. 1991
Segregation of centric Y-autosome translocations in Drosophila 1991
The dominance of traits in genetic analysis. 1991
Evolution: That which befalleth the inanimate befalleth life. 1990
Science, beliefs, evolution, and ethics. 1990
The Possible and the Actual, by Francois Jacob. Book review of 1990


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