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Research Interests
Diabetes in pregnancy. Cord blood collection for transplantation. Fetal
pulse oximetry. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Prenatal diagnosis.
Hypnosis in obstetrics.
Research Projects
Post date - Amniotic fluid index changes in post term pregnancies.
The recovery of glucose tolerance following gestational diabetes.
The use of insulin pump in pregestational diabetics during pregnancy.
Sonographically thick placenta: A marker of increased perinatal
Harvesting technique of cord blood collection for bone marrow
Night shifts residents fatigue.
Leptin levels in gestational diabetes.
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
Neurotherapeutic effect of cord blood derived CD45+ 2014
Neurotherapeutic effect of cord blood derived CD45+ 2014
The association of maternal intrapartum subfebrile temperature 2014
Twin pregnancy in a patient after the Fontan operation: Report 2013
Enhanced survival and neurite network formation of human 2013
Association between number of children and mortality of mothers: 2013
Randomized controlled trial of external cephalic version in term 2010
Prevention of complete heart block in children of mothers with 2009
Walking reduces the post-void residual volume in parturients 2009
Early diagnosis and treatment of atrioventricular block in the 2009
Antepartum continuous epidural ropivacaine therapy reduces 2009
Emergency cesarean delivery for umbilical cord prolapse: The 2008
External cephalic version for breech presentation with or 2007
Post-void residual volume in labor: A prospective study 2006
Caesarean section following the Fontan procedure: Two different 2005
Insulin and fatty acids regulate the expression of the fat 2005
Treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus. 2005
Fetal intracranial hemorrhage (fetal stroke): Does grade matter? 2005
The correlation between sampling site and gene expression in the 2005
Suppression of inflammatory and fibrotic responses in allergic 2005
Troglitazone attenuates hypoxia-induced injury in cultured term 2004
Arterial embolisation for persistent primary postpartum 2004
Interleukin-18 levels correlate with severe ovarian 2004
Gestational diabetes mellitus: What else is new? (Review). 2004
Markedly elevated levels of inflammatory cytokines in maternal 2004
Maternal mortality following diagnostic 2nd-trimester 2004
A survey of physicians' attitudes toward blood transfusion in 2004
Dexamethasone inhibits mast cell maturation, cytokine production 2002
Magnetic resonance imaging as a prenatal diagnostic tool 2002
Alloreactivity of umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells: 2000
Significance of success rate of external cephalic versions and 2000
Postpartum umbilical cord blood collection for transplantation: 2000
Ultrasonographic prenatal diagnosis of microcephalic 2000
Baby 1, obstetrician 0. 2000
Sonographically thick placenta: A marker for increased perinatal 2000
Plasma immunoglobulins in patients with severe ovarian 1999
Pulmonary manifestations of severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation 1999
Textbook of Gynecology. Tel Aviv, Dionon, 447 pp. 1999
Contraction of the fetal ductus arteriosus induced by 1999
Maternal position and fetal pulse oximetry. 1998
Clinical-pathological study of uterine leiomyomas with high 1998
Ritualistic female genital mutilation: Current status and future 1997
Cervical pregnancy: Past and future (Review). 1997
The pathophysiology of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome - Views 1997
Early second trimester twin embolization syndrome. 1997
Expectant management of post-term patients: Observations and 1996
Pathognomonic echo patterns of benign cystic teratomas of the 1996
Surgical treatment of vulvar lichen sclerosus: A review. 1996
Diagnosis and management of malignant germ cell ovarian tumors 1996
Management of labor and labor complications. 1995
Intrapartum fetal pulse oximetry: Present and future. 1995
Treatment of vulvar lichen sclerosus in the elderly: An update 1995
Prenatal diagnosis of acute bladder distension associated with 1995
Current concepts in management of epithelial ovarian tumors of 1995
Essential thrombocythemia and pregnancy. 1994
The leukocyte adherence inhibition test (LAI) in preoperative 1993
Cryotherapy in genital condyloma acuminata. 1992
Aggressive angiomyxoma of the vulva. 1992
Invasive mole and placental site trophoblastic tumor. Two 1991
Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the vagina and vulva 1991


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