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UZI  REBHUN,  Shlomo Argov Professor of Israel-Diaspora Relations 
Status : ACTIVE Birth place : HAIFA
Office Phone: 02-588-1001 Fax:
Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Director, Cherrick Center for the Study of Zionism, the Yishuv 2005 2009
and the State of Israel
Head, Advisory Committee, Israel Social Sciences Data Center 2008 2011
Academic Head, Revivim-Honors Program for the Training of 2011
Teachers in Jewish Studies.
Head, The Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry 2013
External Academic Positions and Awards
Post-Doctoral (Senior) Fellow, Harvard Univ., Center for
the Study of World Religions, 1997/98;
Visiting Scholar, Center for Demography and Ecology, Univer-
sity of Wisconsin, Madison, 2004-05; Dept. of Development
Sociology & Population Program, Cornell Univ., Summer 2010.
Awards: Alex Berger Prize, 1998; Golda Meir Fellowship,
Hebrew Univ., 2000-01.
Research Interests
The American Jewish population. The population of Israel. International
and internal migration. Jewish identity in the U.S. Jewish population
Research Projects
Immigration, gender, and economic attainment in Israel.
Restructuring identity: paradigms of Jewish survival in America.
The structuring of diasporic identity among Israelis abroad.
Israeli Jews in contemporary Germany: social integration and the
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
Assimilation in American life: An empirical assessment of Milton 2015
Patterns and selectivities of urban/rural migration in Israel. 2015
English-language proficiency among Israeli Jews and Palestinian 2015
The Social Scientific Study of Jewry: Sources, Approaches, 2014
Immigrant acculturation and transnationalism: Israelis in the 2014
Correlates of experiences and perceptions of anti-Semitism among 2014
Demography, social prosperity, and the future of sovereign 2012
Facet approach in the sociology of religion: Theories, 2012
Migration, time, and religioethnic identification among U.S. 2011
Population change and changing educational attainment of ethnic 2011
American Israelis: Migration, Transnationalism and Diasporic 2010
Immigration, gender, and earnings in Israel. 2010
Contemporary Jewry, Special Issue: Jewish Population Studies. 2009
Dynamics of internal migration determinants for American Jews, 2009
The Israeli Jewish Diaspora in the United States: Socio-cultural 2009
Immigration, ethnicity, and housing-success hierarchies in 2009
The Jewish Diaspora in America: Social integration, political 2008
A double disadvantage? Immigration, gender, and employment 2008
Demographic issues. In: 2005
Contemporary Jewish Diaspora in global context: Human 2005
Jewish identity in America: Structural analyses of attitudes and 2004
Jewish identification in contemporary America: Gans's symbolic 2004
Jews in Israel: Contemporary Social and Cultural Patterns. 2004
Major trends in the development of Israeli Jews: A synthesis of 2004
Challenges for the 21st century. In: 2004
Well-being typology of immigrants in Israel: A partial order 2003
The changing roles of human capital, state context of residence, 2003
Directions, magnitude and efficiency of interregional migration, 2002
Migration, Community and Identity: Jews in Late 20th Century 2001
The demographic dimension in conflict resolution: The case of 2001
The spatial distribution of quality of life in the United States 2001
Recent developments in Jewish identification in the United 2001
Prospecting the Jewish future: Population projections, 2000
Summary of Jerusalem Population Projections 1995-2020. 2000
The Six-Day War and Israel-Diaspora relations: An analysis of 2000
The 'Americanization' of Israel: A demographic, cultural and 2000
Jewish identification in intermarriage: Does a spouse's religion 1999
American Jewry: A population projection, 1990-2020. In: Jews 1999
The sociodemographic and Jewish identity context of mixed 1998
Socio-demographic and identity aspects of intermarriage among 1998
Sociodemographic aspects of Jews of Sephardi and Asian-African 1997
A census of Jewish schools in the Former Soviet Union for 1997
Changing patterns of internal migration 1970-90: A comparative 1997
Similarities and dissimilarities in national and community 1997
Descriptive Statistics: Organizing and Describing Data. 1996
The distancing of the Jewish community from its institutions: 1995
Geographic mobility and religioethnic identification: Three 1995
Jewish continuity in the United States: Beyond mixed marriage. 1994
Trends in the size of American Jewish denominations: A renewed 1993
The community of residence as an explanatory variable of Jewish 1993
Where shall the immigrants be settled - Clash of theories. 1992
The ethnic dimension in Israeli society - Continuity and change 1992
Changes in the geographical distribution of the Israeli 1990


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