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The Press was established in 1929, under the name of The Hebrew University Press Association. Its name was changed to Magnes Press to serve as a memorial to Dr. Judah L. Magnes (first Chancellor and subsequently the first President of The Hebrew University) who died in 1948. The purposes of the Press were defined as follows: To supply the needs of teaching and research at the University; to provide books in Jewish studies, and scientific literature in Hebrew; to publish the research of the teachers of The Hebrew University; and to publish any other works likely to be useful to the advancement of scholarship and of Jewish studies in particular.

Between 1929 and 1990 the Press published over 2,000 books in Hebrew, English and many other languages in the fields of Jewish studies, Oriental studies, philosophy, psychology, education, law, mathematics, natural sciences, archaeology, art, contemporary Jewry, Holocaust studies, Yiddish literature and music, folklore research, international relations, and bibliography. Books published by the Magnes Press have been at various times awarded the Israel Prize, the Bialik Prize, the Tchernichowsky Prize, and numerous other prizes.

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