The Division for Advancement and External Relations  

ARIE MARCELO KACOWICZ,  Chaim Weizmann Professor of International Relations 
Status : ACTIVE Birth place : BUENOS AIRES
Office Phone: 02-588-3157 Fax: 02-588-2989
Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Director, Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations 2003 2004
External Academic Positions and Awards
Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center, Princeton Univ., 1991-92
Visiting Goldman Israeli Prof., Dept. of Government, George-
town Univ., Washington, DC, 2002-03.
Member: Amer. Polit. Sci. Assn.; Int'l Polit. Sci. Assn.;
Int'l Stud. Assn.; Latin American Studies Assn.;
Israel Polit. Sci. Assn.
Research Interests
International relations theory. Peace studies. International ethics.
Latin American studies.
Research Projects
Regional Governance and Global Governance: The Latin American Case in
Unintended consequences of peace: peaceful borders and the incursion
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
Routledge Handbook of Latin American Security. London, 2015
Latin America in the New World security architecture. In: 2015
Security studies in Latin America: The first two hundred years. 2015
Justice and Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. 2014
Globalization and the Distribution of Wealth: The Latin 2013
Negotiations, conflict resolution, and peace. In: 2013
Global governance, international order, and world order. In: 2012
Israel, the Jewish communities and Latin America within a 2011
Israel: The development of a discipline in a unique setting. In: 2009
In the Spirit of Einstein: Germans and Israelis on Ethics 2009
The Second Lebanon War: Theoretical and normative aspects. 2008
Latin America in the world: Globalization, regionalization and 2008
Globalization and poverty: Possible links and implications for 2008
Population Resettlement in International Conflicts: A 2007
Globalization, poverty, and the North-South divide. 2007
Rashomon in Jerusalem: Mapping the Israeli negotiators' 2005
The normative dimension of international relations and the 2005
The Impact of Norms in International Society: The Latin 2005
Rashomon in the Middle East: Clashing narratives, images, and 2004
Case-study methods in international security studies. In: 2004
Compliance and non-compliance with international norms in 2004
The Aftermath of the Israeli-Palestinian War of 2002. 2002
Geopolitics and territorial issues: Relevance for South America. 2001
Studying international norms. In: 2001
Latin America as an international society. 2000
Stable peace: A conceptual framework. In: 2000
Stable Peace Among Nations. Lanham, MD: Rowman and 2000
Stable peace in South America: The ABC Triangle, 1979-1999. In: 2000
Identity Formation Processes in the Transition from War to 2000
Regionalization, globalization, and nationalism: Convergent, 1999
Zones of Peace in the Third World: South America and West 1998
"Negative" international peace and domestic conflicts, West 1997
Human Rights and Foreign Policy: The Argentine Case, 1997
The process of reaching peaceful territorial change: The 1996
Explaining zones of peace: Democracies as satisfied powers? 1995
The problem of peaceful territorial change. 1994
Peaceful Territorial Change. Columbia, SC, South 1994
Pluralistic Security Communities and 'Negative' Peace in the 1994
Teaching international relations in a changing world: Four 1993


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