The Division for Advancement and External Relations  

Status : ACTIVE Birth place : NEWARK, N.J.
Office Phone: 02-588-2194 Fax: 02-582-3587
Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Director, Paul Baerwald School of Social Work. 1999 2003
Head, Israel Gerontological Data Center, Hebrew Univ. 2002
External Academic Positions and Awards
Lecturer: SUNY at Stony Brook, 1979-81; Columbia Univ.,
1981-82; Adjunct Lecturer, NYU, 1980-82
Visiting Prof.: Rutgers Univ., 1987-88; Univ. of Toronto,
Research Interests
Social gerontology. Social networks. Service utilization. Aging and
well-being. Intergenerational relations. Community care.
Research Projects
Psycho-social resources, social networks and PTSD among the old-old
Social network structure and support among Alzheimer patients and
Evaluation of the "Center for Prevention of Elder Abuse" in Herzliya.
An empirical critique of the activity theory of aging in light of
Social networks and well-being:
Development of the Israel Gerontological Data Center.
Expanding the aging research infrastructure.
Longitudinal extension of SHARE-Israel Baseline Data (PI).
Multinational Advancement of Research Infrastructures on Ageing--M4.
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
Social network type and health-related behaviors: Evidence from 2012
The association of background and network type among older 2011
The association between social network relationships and 2011
Grandparenting and well-being: How important is grandparent-role 2011
Social network type and subjective well-being in a national 2011
Social relationships and well-being in very late life. In: 2011
The subjective well-being of immigrants aged 50 and older in 2010
Population group differences in cognitive functioning in a 2010
Intergenerational financial transfers and mental health: An 2010
Cumulative adversity and depressive symptoms among older adults 2009
Forgone health care due to cost among older adults in European 2009
Who supports delayed retirement? A study of older workers in 2009
Understanding aging in a Middle Eastern context: The 2009
Israel. In: 2009
The inter-relationship between formal and informal care: A study 2009
The balance of intergenerational exchange: Correlates of net 2008
The 50+ Cohort: First Results from SHARE-Israel-Data from the 2008
Israel: Diversity among population groups. In: 2008
Private intergenerational transfers among persons aged 50+: The 2008
Late-life migration, work status, and survival: The case of 2008
Methodology: The structure and content of SHARE-Israel. 2008
Does early retirement lead to longer life? 2007
What really matters in the social network-mortality association? 2007
The interpersonal milieu of older people. In: 2007
The Sociology of Familial Exchange in Later Life: A 2007
Network type and mortality risk in later life. 2006
Social networks and self-rated health - A cross-cultural 2006
The association between activity and wellbeing in later life: 2006
Immigration, ethnicity and patterns of care among older persons 2005
Computer utilization in later-life: Characteristics and 2005
Correlates of successful aging: Are they universal? 2005
A multivariate examination of explanations for the occurrence of 2004
Intergenerational exchange and mental health in later-life: The 2004
Intergenerational exchange patterns and their correlates in an 2004
Social networks, ethnicity and public home care. 2004
Elder participation in cyberspace: A qualitative analysis of 2004
Caregiver resources and facilitation of elderly care recipient 2003
Can burdened caregivers be effective facilitators of elder 2003
Modernization and elder abuse in an Arab-Israeli context. 2003
The association of disability, sociodemographic background and 2003
Social predictors of physical activity in later life: The 2003
Social network structure and utilization of formal public 2003
Examination of the association of age, disability and mood among 2002
Social network type and morale in old age. 2001
Subjective well-being among the old-old: The role of health, 2001
The effects of extreme early stress in very old age. 2000
Social network type and social support among the old-old. 2000
Activity, social network and well-being in old age: An empirical 2000
Formal and informal network factors as sources of morale in a 1999
Support network type and patterns of help giving and receiving 1999
Social network type and health status in a national sample of 1998
The provision of informal support by elderly people residing in 1998
Support network type and health service utilization. 1997
Uprooted in Old Age: Soviet Jews and Their Social Networks 1995
The social networks of elderly immigrants: An analytic typology. 1995
Filial responsibility and informal support among family 1994
Reseaux sociaux et protection sociale des personnes agées: Etude 1994
The professional standing of work with elderly persons among 1994
Ethnicity and informal support among filial caregivers: Analysis 1993
Neighborhood self-management in Jerusalem: Planning issues and 1993


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