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Status : EMERITUS Birth place : KFAR AZAR (ISRAEL)
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Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Head, Inst. of Archaeology 1989 1992
Director, Jewish National and University Library 2001 2007
External Academic Positions and Awards
Visiting Fellow: Harvard Univ., Dumbarton Oaks, Washington -
Memberships and Fellowships:
Member, Isr. Acad. Sci. & Humanities, since 2001;
Archaeological Council, since 1976
Foreign Vice-Pres., Harvard Univ.- Dumbarton Oaks Alumni
Awards: E.M.E.T. Prize, 2014.
Festschrift: Man Near a Roman Arch: Studies Presented to
Prof. Yoram Tsafrir, eds. L. Di Segni, Y. Hirschfeld,
J. Patrich and R. Talgam, Jerusalem, Israel Exploration
Society, 2009, 388 pp.
Research Interests
Archaeology and history of Palestine in the Hellenistic, Roman and
Byzantine periods; historical geography of Palestine in those periods.
Research Projects
Onomasticon of Judaea, Palaestina and Arabia in Greek and Roman
Excavations of Bet Shean (Scythopolis); publication of the final
Onomasticon of Eretz Israel:
Excavations at Rehovot-in-the-Negev: (with Prof. K.G. Holum, Univ. of
Excavations of Roman, Byzantine and Early Arab Bet Shean
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
The 'Ten Cities' or Decapolis: A reconsideration. 2014
Further notes on the date of the earthquake of the Year 749. In: 2014
Between David's Tower and Holy Zion: Peter the Iberian and his 2013
The ethnic composition of Jerusalem's population in the 2012
The finds in Cave 2001-2002 and burial at Masada. In: 2012
The Decapolis again - Further notes on the meaning of the term. 2011
Designing the model of Jerusalem at the Holy Land Hotel: Hans 2011
Trade, workshops and shops in Bet Shean/Scythopolis, 4th-8th 2009
The landscape of Jerusalem around 600 CE. In: 2009
The Temple Mount in the Roman and Byzantine Period (70-638). In: 2009
The Classical heritage in Late Antique Palestine: The fate of 2008
"Beth Shean." (pp.1624, 1636-1641). In: 2008
Four Eulogia tokens found in Bet Shean-Scythopolis (Israel). In: 2006
Procopius on the Nea Church, the Cardo, and 'the finger of Og' 2005
The loca sancta and the invention of relics in Palestine from 2003
Numismatics and the foundation of Aelia Capitolina: A critical 2003
The Christianization of Bet Shean (Scythopolis) and its 2003
The Romanization of Judaea and the building projects of Herod 2003
Byzantine shops in the street of the monuments at Bet Shean 2002
A hiding complex of the Second Temple period and the time of the 2002
Skythopolis - Vorposten des Decapolis. In: 2002
Funding archaeological research: National-cultural values and 2001
The spread of Christianity in the Holy Land. In: 2000
Procopius and the Nea Church in Jerusalem. 2000
The topography and archaeology of Aelia Capitolina. In: 1999
The topography and archaeology of Jerusalem in the Byzantine 1999
The basilica and an altar to Dionysos at Nysa-Scythopolis. In: 1999
Sefer Yerushalaim [The History of Jerusalem] - The Roman and 1999
Byzantine Jerusalem: The configuration of a Christian city. In: 1999
The fate of pagan cult places in Palestine: The archaeological 1998
Urbanism at Scythopolis-Bet Shean in the fourth to seventh 1997
Some notes on the settlement and demography of Palestine in the 1996
A decorated altar dedicated to Dionysos, the 'founder' from Bet 1996
The synagogues at Capernaum and Meroth and the dating of the 1995
Nysa-Scythopolis in the Roman Period: 'A Greek City of Coele 1994
From Scythopolis to Baysan - Changing concepts of urbanism. In: 1994
The Hebrew University excavations at Bet Shean, 1980-1994. 1994
Tabula Imperii Romani: Judaea. Palaestina (Maps and 1994
Ancient Churches Revealed. Jerusalem, Israel Exploration 1993
The development of ecclesiastical architecture in Palestine. In: 1993
Monks and monasteries in Southern Sinai. In: 1993
Masada and its warriors - The rise and fall of a fortress of the 1993
From Byzantine Scythopolis to Arab Baysan - Changing urban 1992
The Bet Sh'ean Excavation Project (1989-1991): City Center 1992
The dating of the earthquake of the sabbatical year of 749 C.E. 1992
Jerusalem romaine et byzantine. (English version: Jerusalem in 1991
The 'massive wall' east of the Golden Gate, Jerusalem. 1990
Scythopolis - La cite du Dionysos resuscite - Un centre urbain 1990
On the pre-planning of ancient churches and synagogues. A test 1990
A statue of Dionysos as a youth recently discovered at Bet 1990
Aila (Eilat) and its gulf in Greek and Roman sources. 1989
Christian archaeology in Israel in recent years. 1989
The synagogue at Meroth, the synagogue at Capernaum and the 1989
The date of the "earthquake of the sabbatical year." 1989
An annotated map of Byzantine settlements in Israel - State of 1988
Jews, Samaritans and Christians in Byzantine Palestine. 1988
Further evidence of the cult of Zeus Akraios at Bet Shean. 1988
Rehovot-in-the-Negev: Preliminary report, 1986. 1988
Excavations at Rehovot-in-the-Negev. Vol. 1988
The Bet Shean project. 1988


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