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Status : ACTIVE Birth place : OBERHAUSEN (GERMANY)
Office Phone: 02-588-3579 Fax: 02-561-9250
Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
D.Phil. UNIV. OF OXFORD 1989
Academic Position   Year
External Academic Positions and Awards
Awards: Polonsky Prize for Creativity and Originality in
the Humanistic Disiplines at the Hebrew University, 2011.
Research Interests
Ancient Judaism in the Hellenistic Period. Bible exegesis in comparative
cultural contexts. Intellectual life in Rome and the Greek East.
Rabbinic literature and Hellenistic culture. Early Christianity.
Identity in a multi-cultural world. Philo of Alexandria.
Research Projects
An intellectual biography of Philo of Alexandria.
Journeys in the Roman East: imagined and real.
Genesis Rabbah in light of Patristic exegesis.
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
How does one become a Mediterranean thinker? The case of Philo 2015
Accommodating the political: Philo's King metaphor. In: 2015
Philo of Alexandria. Writings. Vol. 4, Part 2: 2015
A Jewish critique of Christianity from second century 2013
The implied audience of the Letter of James. In: 2013
Halacha, Nomos or virtue in Hellenistic Judaism? In: 2013
Biographical sketches in Genesis Rabbah. In: 2013
The emergence of monotheistic Creation theology in Hellenistic 2013
Commentary culture in the Land of Israel from an Alexandrian 2012
Homer and the Bible in the Eyes of Ancient Interpreters. 2012
Philo and Plutarch as biographers: Parallel responses to Roman 2012
Philo's contribution to the canonization of the Greek Bible. In: 2012
'And This Is for Yehuda.' Studies Presented to Our Friend, 2012
Philo of Alexandria. Writings. Vol. 5, Part One: 2012
Philo and Plutarch on Homer. In: (For expanded German version: 2012
Philo's Exposition in a Roman context. 2011
Jewish Exegesis and Homeric Scholarship in Alexandria. 2011
Philo's visions of social order. In: 2011
Homeric research and biblical exegesis in Alexandria. The case 2011
Juedische Bibelexegese im Spiegel alexandrinischer 2011
Joseph in the eyes of Philo. 2010
Philo's role as a Platonist in Alexandria. 2010
The Symposium of Philo's Therapeutae: Displaying Jewish identity 2010
Philo's scholarly inquiries into the Story of Paradise. In: 2010
Questions and answers in Philo and Genesis Rabbah. 2008
Did the Timaeus create a textual community? 2007
Homeric scholarship and Bible exegesis in Alexandria. Evidence 2007
Philo's contribution to contemporary Alexandrian metaphysics. 2006
Creatio ex nihilo theology in Genesis Rabbah in 2005
Circumcision as a marker of identity: Philo, Origen and the 2003
Philo on Jewish Identity and Culture. T?bingen, Mohr, 295 2001
Jewish identity and Jewish mothers: Who was a Jew according to 1999
Alexandrian Judaism in 19th century Wissenschaft des Judentums: 1999
Jellinek's perception of the Aggada. 1998
Moses Mendelssohn's translation of Yehuda Halevi's "Zion halo 1998
Philo's views on paganism. In: 1998
Zunz's concept of Haggadah as an expression of Jewish 1998
Heine und die j?dische Tradition. In: 1997
Jacob Weil's contribution to a modern concept of Aggadah. 1996
Two examples of Josephus' narrative technique in his "Rewritten 1996
The phoenix in rabbinic literature. 1996
What is in a name? Philo's mystical philosophy of language. 1995
The return of myth in Genesis Rabbah on the Akeda. 1995
Die Wiederentdeckung der Hagada im 19 Jahrhundert und die Suche 1994
Associative thinking in the Midrash: Exegesis on the Abraham and 1994
The Buber-Rosenzweig translation of the Bible within the 1993
Constructing Ruth's image in the Midrash. 1992
"A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not 1992
Do biblical characters talk to themselves? Modes of representing 1992
The Figure of Joseph in Post-Biblical Jewish Literature. 1991
The figure of Joseph in the Targums. 1988


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