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Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Dean, Faculty of Humanities. 1975 1978
Dean, Haifa Univ. College (delegated by Hebrew Univ.) 1967 1969
External Academic Positions and Awards
Visiting Asst. Prof., 1961-62, Golding Prof., 1962-63,
Visiting Prof., Brandeis Univ.
Visiting Lecturer, 1962-63 & Visiting Prof., Harvard Univ.
Visiting Prof.: UC at Berkeley; Univ. of Lucerne; Vanderbilt
Univ., Nashville, Tenn; Univ. of Heidelberg.
Rector, College for Jewish Studies, Heidelberg.
Memberships and Fellowships:
Soc. of Old Testament Studies, UK; Soc. of Biblical Lit.,
USA; Int'l Soc. of Biblical Studies; Isr. Exploration Soc.
World Union of Jewish Studies
Fellow: Inst. of Advanced Studies, Hebrew Univ.; Nat'l
Humanities Center, N.C.; Annenberg Res. Inst., Philadelphia
Awards and Honors:
Romano Guardini Prize, Catholic Acad. of Bavaria, 1975
Doct. Hon. Causa, HUC, Cincinnati, 1993
Israel Prize for Biblical Research and Interpretation, 1997.
Research Interests
Israelite society in the biblical period. The Bible as literature. The
history of the Bible text and versions.
Research Projects
The Hebrew University Bible Project (with Profs. E. Tov and M.
Preparation of a commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah.
Edition of the Book of Ezekiel, Hebrew University Bible.
Biblical Israel in the post-exilic period - society literature,
Literary patterns and conceptual thought in biblical Israel:
Qumran studies:
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
Textus, Studies of the Hebrew University Bible Project. 2009
Mishmarot lists (4Q322-4Q324c) and 'historical texts' (4Q3223a; 2008
The investigation of the meaning of the phrase 'helek libam ata 2008
What's in a calendar? Calendar conformity and calendar 2007
Duqah or Deveqah: The unique term from the solar calendar of the 2007
Daily prayers (4Q503) and the solar calendar. In: 2007
The polemics against the lunar calendar year in the writings of 2005
What's in a calendar? Calendar conformity, calendar controversy 2005
Comments regarding the 'Quman-Essenes' hypothesis. In: 2005
The Book of Ezekiel. Jerusalem, The Hebrew University 2004
Das Motif der Landnahme in Genesis 12,1-9. In: 2004
Reckoning the Sabbath in the First and Early Second Temple 2004
The signification of 'Aharit' and 'Aharit Hayamim' in the Hebrew 2003
Sabbath observance according to the Damascus fragments: Evening 2003
'Here is St. Peter' - A student's memories on the 50th 2002
Biblical traditions of Samaritan history. In: 2002
The crystallization of the "Canon of Hebrew Scriptures" in the 2002
Textus, vol.21. 2002
Calendrical documents and Mishmarot. In: 2001
'Exile' and 'Restoration' in the conceptual world of ancient 2001
A unique depiction of a scene from the Book of Jonah in a 13th 2001
The Hebrew Bible as inspiration in culture. In: 2001
The festival calendar in the solar year of the Yahad community 2001
Calendars and Mishmarot. In: 2000
Textual criticism: The ancient versions. In: 2000
Fish and mermaids in the Book of Jonah. 2000
Masada - Written material. In: 2000
The transmission history of the text of the Hebrew Bible in the 2000
Hebrew Fragments from Masada. Masada VI. 1999
Anti-lunar calendar polemics in Covenanters' writings. In: 1999
Die Schriftrollen von Qumran, ed. S. Talmon, 1998
Bilanz und Ausblick nach 50 Jahren Qumranforschung. In: 1998
Calendar controversy in ancient Judaism: The case of the 1998
The Book of Jeremiah. The Hebrew University Bible. 1997
The signification of "Shalom" and its semantic field in the 1997
Fragments of a Psalm's scroll - MasPsa, Ps 81:2b-85:6a (1039-160) 1996
Fragments of a Joshua Apocryphon - Masada 1039-211. 1996
A calendrical scroll from Qumran Cave IV: MishmarotBa (4Q321). 1995
Was the Book of Esther known at Qumran? 1995
A calendrical document from Qumran Cave IV (misBb, 4Q325. 1995
Israels Gedankenwelt in der hebr?ischen Bibel. Gesammelte 1995
Qumran studies: Past, present, and future. 1994
"Good Samaritan" - a "Good Israelite"? 1994
The community of the renewed covenant. 1994
Counting the day in the biblical and early post-biblical period: 1994
Die Bedeutung der Qumranfunde f?r die j?dische 1993
Literary Studies in the Hebrew Bible - Form and Content. 1993
Fragments of a Psalms scroll from Masada. 1993
The "Dead Sea Scrolls" or "The Community of the Renewed 1993
Tora-Nomos-Gesetz: Die Bedeutung des Judentums f?r die 1993
The "Topped-Triad" in the Hebrew Bible and the "ascending 1992
The concepts of Mashiah and Messianism in early Judaism. 1992
Juden und Christen im Gespr?ch. (Gesammelte Aufs?tze Band 1992
Jewish Civilization in the Hellenistic-Roman Period. 1991
A Joshua Apocryphon from Masada. 1991
"Oral tradition" and "written transmission" or the "heard" and 1991
Ezra-Nehemiah: Historiographie oder Theologie? 1991
'Ketz.' 1990
The World of Qumran From Within. Jerusalem, Magnes 1989
Fragments of scrolls from Masada. 1989


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