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Status : EMERITUS Birth place : TEL AVIV
Office Phone: 02-588-3512 Fax: 02-651-1771
Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Head, Inst. of Jewish Studies 1986 1988
Chair, Bd. of Governors, Center for Continuous Education (& 1991 1994
Buber Institute for Adult Education, from 1992)
Director, Jewish Nat'l & Univ. Library 1997 2001
External Academic Positions and Awards
Visiting Prof., UC at Berkeley, 1977-78; JTS, Summer 1978;
Visiting Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford 1983-84
Visiting Prof., Harvard Univ., 1988-89
Fellow, Center for Judaic Studies, Univ. of Penn., Philadel-
phia, 1994-95, 2001-02; Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall,
Cambridge, 2003; Visiting Distinguished Prof., Univ. of
Notre Dame, 2004-05; Starr Fellow, Center for Jewish Stud.,
Harvard Univ., Spring 2005; Sir Zelman Cowen Visiting Prof.,
Sydney Univ., October 2007; Visiting Prof., Gregorian Univ.
Rome, February 2008.
Chair, Academic Committee, Magnes Press, 1996-97.
President, World Union of Jewish Studies, 2006-09.
Awards: Israel Prize for Biblical Studies, 2004.
Festschrift: Shai le-Sara Japhet - Studies in the Bible,
Its Exegesis and Language Presented to Sara Japhet,
eds. M. Bar-Asher, N. Wazana, E. Tov, D. Rom-Shiloni,
Jerusalem, Bialik Institute, 2007.
Research Interests
Biblical religion and literature. Restoration period: literature, history
and theology. Biblical law. The history of Jewish exegesis.
Research Projects
A commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah in Hebrew.
Anonymous commentary on the Song of Songs - critical edition and
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
Shnaton, An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern 2012
'To Settle the Plain Meaning of the Verse' - Studies in 2011
Did Rashbam know the Vulgate Latin translation of the Song of 2009
Collected Studies in Biblical Exegesis. Jerusalem, Bialik 2008
Shnaton, An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern 2008
Exegesis and polemic in Rashbam's Commentary on the Song of 2008
'The lovers' way': Cultural symbiosis in a medieval commentary 2008
The Commentary of R. Samuel ben Meir on the Song of Songs. 2008
Rashi, The Man and His Work. Jerusalem, The Zalman Shazar 2008
Rashi's Commentary on the Song of Songs: The revolution of the 2007
A linguistic discussion in the school of the Tosaphists: 2007
The expulsion of the foreign women (Ezra 9-10): The legal basis, 2007
The portrayal of the Restoration Period in I Esdras. In: 2007
Koheleth's legacy for eternity: The freedom of the human spirit. 2007
The human body and its beauty in medieval Peshat exegesis of the 2007
Periodization between history and ideology II: Chronology and 2006
The wall of Jerusalem from a double perspective: Kings versus 2006
From the Rivers of Babylon to the Highlands of Judah. 2006
Shnaton - An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern 2006
The commentary of R. Samuel ben Meir (Rashbam) on the Song of 2006
Chronicles: A history. In: 2005
'Variant readings' in the biblical text in light of Rashbam's 2005
The foundation and early history of the Department of Bible at 2005
The concept of the remnant in the Restoration Period: On the 2004
The tension between rabbinic legal Midrash and the 'plain 2004
The Book of Chronicles: A history. In: 2004
Ebenbild Gottes oder Rippe Adams? Die Stellung der Frau nach 2003
Periodization: Between history and ideology. The Neo-Babylonian 2003
Insight on Job Chapter 3 from a mediaeval commentary: Rabbi 2003
Theodicy in Ezra-Nehemiah and Chronicles. In: 2003
'Lebanon'in the transition from Derash to Peshat: Sources, 2003
2 Chronik (HTKAT). Freiburg-Basel-Wien, Herder Verlag 2003
1 Chronik (HTKAT). Freiburg-Basel-Wien, Herder Verlag 2002
Was the history of Israel "invented" during the Persian period? 2001
Leader and leadership in the Bible. In: 2001
The Bible and history. In: 2001
Multi-lingualism in Rashbam's biblical commentary. In: 2001
I Esdras - A commentary. In: 2001
Shnaton - An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern 2000
Postexilic historiography: How and why? In: 2000
Major trends in the study of medieval Jewish exegesis in 2000
The Temple in the Restoration Period: Reality and ideology. In: 2000
The Commentary of Rabbi Samuel ben Meir (Rashbam) on the Book 2000
'In the image of God' or 'From the rib of Adam': The status of 1999
From the King's Sanctuary to the Chosen City. In: 1999
Chronicles, Books of. In: 1999
Exile and restoration in the book of Chronicles. In: 1999
'In search of Ancient Israel' - Revisionism at all costs. In: 1998
Some biblical concepts of sacred space. In: 1998
Tradition and innovation in Rashbam's commentary on the Book of 1997
The distribution of the Priestly gifts according to a document 1996
L'historiographie post-exilique: comment et pourquoi? In: 1996
Rashbam's commentary on Job - The history of its discovery. 1996
The trial of Abraham and the test of Job: How do they differ? 1994
Rashbam's Commentary on Genesis 22 - 'Peshat' or 'Derash'? In: 1994
'Goes to the South and Turns to the North' (Ecclesiastes 1:6) - 1994
The Bible in the Light of Its Interpreters - Sarah Kamin 1994
From a King's Sanctuary to the Chosen City - Chapters in the 1987
Studies in Bible and Talmud. Jerusalem, Institute of 1987
Studies in Bible (Scripta Hierosolymitana, vol. 1986


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