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Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Director, Center for the Study of the History of Eretz Israel & 1981 1986
Its Population 1989 1993
Director, Ben-Zvi Inst. for the Study of Jewish Communities in 1996 2003
the East
Academic Director, The National Library of Israel 2009
External Academic Positions and Awards
Lect. 1978, Sen. Lect., 1981, Assoc. Prof., 1989, Bar-Ilan
Visiting Prof.: Univ. College, London, 1989; Yeshiva Univ.,-
NY, 1989, 1994, 1998
Research Fellow, Cambridge Univ.
Fellow, Center for Judaic Studies, Univ. of Penn., 1994
Visiting Fellow & Life Member, Clare Hall, Cambridge 1994
Memberships and Fellowships:
Int'l Soc. for Judaeo-Arabic Studies: Member since 1984,
Pres. since 1997.
Director, Center for Judaeo-Arabic Studies, since 1995.
Co-Director, Center for Biblical & Judaic Stud., St. Peters-
burg State Univ., since 2001.
Board Member, World Union of Jewish Stud.
Research Interests
Medieval Jewish and Islamic philosophy. Judeo-Arabic Biblical exegesis.
Karaism. Qur'an exegesis.
Research Projects
Texts and studies in Geonic biblical exegesis - Saadya on the "Ten
The history of the Jews in Syria, 640-1250 C.E.: A corpus of
Encyclopedia of Karaite personalities: Enlarged, revised and updated
Descriptive catalogue of the Judeo-Arabic manuscripts in the
Medieval Judeo-Arabic philosophical works and their relationship to
Karaite medieval religious literature:
Judeo-Arabic biblical exegesis:
Judeo-Arabic Halakhic Literature - Cataloguing and publication of
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
A Leader's Project: Studies in the Philosophical and 2015
Studies in Judeo-Arabic Culture: Proceedings of the Fourteenth 2014
Yohar: The transformations of a Middle-Persian word in 2013
Observations on the beginnings of Judeo-Arabic civilization. In: 2011
The Jewish Medieval Library; Booklists from the Cairo Geniza 2006
Saadia's introduction to Daniel; prophetic calculation of the 2004
Extra-textual considerations in medieval Judaeo-Arabic Bible 2003
An 'East Wind' from the South: Environmental considerations in 2003
The tension between literal interpretation and exegetical 2003
The scholarly study of Karaism in the nineteenth and twentieth 2003
Major trends in Karaite philosophy and polemics in the tenth and 2003
On the study of Karaites in the context of Jewish communities in 2002
Mediaeval history and religious thought. In: 2002
Prognostic Midrash in the works of Se'adya Gaon as exemplified 2001
Observations on the textual tradition of Yefet ben 'Eli's Bible 2000
The Rabbinic literature in Se'adya's exegesis: Between tradition 2000
New and old: Saadya's two introductions to his translation of 2000
Judaeo-Arabic Manuscripts in the Firkovitch Collections: 2000
Jerusalem in Early Medieval Jewish Bible exegesis. In: 1999
Review article of Y. Avishur, The Oldest Translation of the 1998
A unique elegy on Jerusalem at the end of a hitherto lost work 1998
Jewish thought in `Iraq in the 10th century. In: 1997
Kalam in medieval Jewish philosophy. 1997
Lost chapters of Yusuf al-Basir's al-Muhtawi (Tentative 1997
The History of Jerusalem: The Early Islamic Period ( 1996
Saadya Gaon's Ten Articles of Faith. 1996
The Karaites. 1996
Poetic works and lamentations of Qaraite "Mourners of Zion" - 1994
Judaeo-Arabic Abraham story of Muslim origin - New fragments. 1993
The exegetical and philosophical writing of Saadya: A leader's 1993
Return to the Scriptures in ancient and medieval Jewish 1993
The location of the Karaite Quarter in medieval Jerusalem. 1993
Jum`a in Judaeo-Arabic in the sense of "eve" - A loan 1993
Between `Ananites and Karaites: Observations on early medieval 1992
The Karaite controversy: Scripture and tradition in early 1992
New data on the location of the Karaite Quarter in Jerusalem 1992
Some Genizah fragments on the duty of the nations to keep the 1992
Saadya's introduction to Isaiah as an introduction to the Books 1991
Fragments of Daniel al-Qumisi's commentary on the Book of Daniel 1991
The idea of election in early Islam. 1991
Transmigration of souls in tenth century Jewish thought in the 1991
The Karaite controversy: Scripture and tradition in early 1989
Yeshu`a Ben Yehuda - The figure of an 11th century Karaite 1989
A philosophical study group in tenth century Mosul. 1989
Review: Al-Kitab al-Mu'tawi par Yusuf al-Ba'ir. Texte, 1989
Karaite exegetes and their rabbanite environment. 1988
On a polemical element in R. Saadya's theory of prophecy. 1988
Some methodological notes concerning the relationship between 1987
Saadya's goal in his "Commentary on Sefer Yezira. 1987
The Karaites. 1987
New findings in a forgotten manuscript: Samuel B. Hofni's 1986
A new fragment of the Arabic original text of Sefer 1985


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