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SHLOMO  YITZCHAIK,  Benjamin H. Birstein Professor in Chemistry 
Status : ACTIVE Birth place : RAMAT GAN
Office Phone: 02-658-6971 Fax:
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Research Interests
Surface chemistry of molecular layers (self-assembled monolayers and
multilayers) on solid surfaces and nanometric objects including porous
silicon, carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles. Macromolecules design and
synthesis as light and current responsive materials.
Biosensors interfacing cells, proteins and small molecules.
Research Projects
Solar Cells: Composite materials containing porous silicon,
Organic Photovoltaics: A novel concept for hybrid third generation
Neuro-electronic Hybrid Devices: (a) Nano-composites for direct light
Molecular Electronics: Synaptic molecular networks for bio-inspired
Smart gels: Control of charge capacitance in soft polymeric
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
White light and heat sensitivity in a pyridine-based polymer 2012
SYMONE Project: Synaptic Molecular Networks for Bio-Inspired 2012
A temperature-differential affinity biosensor: Model and 2011
Monitoring selectivity in kinase-promoted phosphorylation of 2011
Dipole assisted photo-gated switch in spiropyran grafted 2011
Hybrid structures of porous silicon and conjugated polymers for 2011
Experimental evidence of cooperative effect in mixed parallel 2010
Photoinduced proton transfer in a pyridine based polymer gel. 2010
Spectroscopic and electrochemical study of hybrid materials of 2010
Polyaniline-coated single-walled carbon nanotubes: Synthesis, 2010
Spine-shaped gold protrusions improve the adherence and 2009
Direct detection of molecular bio-recognition by dipole sensing 2009
Impaired replication stress response in cells from 2009
Glutamate sensing with enzyme-modified floating-gate field 2009
Effect of spontaneous diffusion in micro/nanoporous chemically 2009
Dynamic behavior of tris-ruthenium bipyridyl chloride and 2008
Formation of polyaniline layer on DNA by electrochemical 2008
Acetylcholine detection at micromolar concentrations with the 2008
Variable density effect of self-assembled polarizable monolayers 2008
Silicon/molecule interfacial electronic modifications. (DOI: 2008
Photoactive proton conductor: Poly(4-vinyl pyridine) gel. 2008
Reversible transition of extracellular field potential 2008
Effect of gold adsorption on the conductive properties of 2007
Composite structures of polyaniline and mesoporous silicon: 2007
Composite structures of porous silicon and polyaniline for 2007
Experimental and theoretical analysis of neuron-transistor 2006
Acetylcholinesterase-ISFET based system for the detection of 2006
Porous silicon substrates for neurons culturing and bio-photonic 2005
Depletion type floating gate p-channel MOS transistor for 2004
Neurons culturing and biophotonic sensing using porous silicon. 2004
Electrically conductive 2D-PAN-containing surfaces as a 2004
Photoinduced structural changes in poly(4-vinyl pyridine): A 2000
Electrostatically self-assembled 2000
Self-assembled multilayers via molecular layer epitaxy. (Part 2) 2000
FTIR study of self-protonation and gel formation in pyridinic 2000
Multicolor emission in poly(4-vinyl-pyridine) gel. 2000
Quinolinium-derived acentric crystals for second-order NLO 1999
LED device based on self assembled poly(4-vinylpyridine) with 1999
Organic quantum-confined structures through molecular layer 1999
Tunable emission in Poly(4-vinylpyridine)-based gel. 1998
Organic superlattices via chemical vapor molecular layer 1998
A novel route to tunable emission in smart gels. 1998
Tuning the electronic properties of silicon via molecular 1998
Molecular electronic tuning of Si surfaces. 1997
Charge distribution and second-order nonlinear optical response 1997
Anomalous second-order nonlinear optical response of in-plane 1997
Kinetics of evaporation of barium THD precursors used for 1997
Novel spectral characteristics of second-order optical 1997
Frequency doubling in two-component self-assembled chromophoric 1997
A new calix[4]arene based barium precursor for the deposition of 1997
Self-assembled chromophoric NLO-active structures. Second 1996
Chromophoric self-assembled superlattices. 1996
A new, efficient topotactic route to chromophoric self-assembled 1995
New nonlinear optical materials. Expedient topotactic 1995
New synthetic approaches to self-assembled chromophoric 1995
Self-assembled chromophoric thin film NLO materials. Effect of 1994
Frequency-dependent second harmonic generation in acentric 1994
Ion exchange processes and environmental effects in chromophoric 1994
Descriptive chemistry of self-assembled multilayer second-order 1994
Dispersion of second-order optical nonlinearity in chromophoric 1994
Patent Name  Year
Photochromic spirooxazine monomers and polysiloxanes. 1995
Self-assembled superlattices and waveguides prepared to use 1997
Molecular layer epitaxy method and compositions. 2001
A hybrid device with biological components. 2001
Biosensor for molecules. 2002
Packaging of electronic devices with a small exposed area to the 2003
Electronic device for communication with living cells. 2004
Molecular layer epitaxy method and compositions. 2004
Photo-responsive polymer systems and their use. 2002
Preparation of polyurethane-amide segmented copolymers (PEUA'm) and 1989
Method and system for producing second order nonlinear optical 1990
Micro-nails for use in electrical interaction with cells. 2008
Planer silicon microfluidics integrated with microelectronics and 2009
Photoelectrical devices for stimulating neurons. 2009


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