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Status : EMERITUS Birth place : JERUSALEM
Office Phone: 02-658-5091 Fax: 02-563-7033
Department Faculty  
Academic Degree   Institution Year
Academic Position   Year
Administrative Position   From To
Dean, Faculty of Science 1996 1999
Scientific Director, Interuniversity Inst. for Marine Sci. Eilat 1988 1996
Director, Charles E. Smith Family Laboratory and Prof. Joel 2002
Elkes Laboratory for Collaborative Research in Psychobiology
External Academic Positions and Awards
Asst. Prof., Assoc. Prof., Albert Einstein College of Medi-
cine; Inserm Fellow, Hosp. de La Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris
Visiting Prof., Stanford Univ.
Royal Soc. Fellow, Cambridge Univ.
Founder and director of the Multinational Red Sea research
Memberships and Fellowships:
Isr. Physiological and Pharmacological Soc.; Soc. for Devel-
opmental Biology; Amer. Soc. for Cell Biology
Soc. for General Physiology
Research Interests
Nutritional plasticity, neuronal regeneration and the cell biology of
neurodegenerative diseases - a multidisciplinary approach using
electrophysiology, digital imaging, confocal microscopy, electron
microscopy and molecular biology. Development of neuron-electronic
hybrid systems.
Research Projects
Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying growth and synapses
Synapse assembly and synaptic plasticity (with Gary J. Bassell,
Selected Publications
Publication Title   Year
Formation of hydrophilic nanochannels in the membrane of living 2011
Spine-shaped gold protrusions improve the adherence and 2009
Direct detection of molecular bio-recognition by dipole sensing 2009
Glutamate sensing with enzyme-modified floating-gate field 2009
Reversible transition of extracellular field potential 2008
Formation of microtubule-based traps controls the sorting and 2007
Experimental and theoretical analysis of neuron-transistor 2006
Acetylcholinesterase-ISFET based system for the detection of 2006
On-line confocal imaging of the events leading to structural 2006
Calcium-induced exocytosis from actomyosin-driven, motile 2006
Calcium concentration threshold and translocation kinetics of 2006
Calcium-activated proteases are critical for refilling depleted 2005
Porous silicon substrates for neurons culturing and bio-photonic 2005
Calcium activated proteases are critical for refilling of 2005
Calcium concentration threshold and translocation kinetics of 2005
Depletion type floating gate p-channel MOS transistor for 2004
Neurons culturing and biophotonic sensing using porous silicon. 2004
Electrically conductive 2D-PAN-containing surfaces as a 2004
Effective expression of the green fluorescent fusion proteins in 2003
Critical calpain-dependent ultrastructural alterations underlie 2003
Short window of opportunity for calpain induced growth cone 2002
Calcium, proteases and cytoskeleton remodeling underlie growth 2002
Calcium, protease activation, and cytoskeleton remodeling 2001
High calcium concentrations, calpain activation and cytoskeleton 2000
Partial uncoupling of neurotransmitter release from [Ca2+](i) by 1999
Simultaneous measurement of evoked release and [Ca2+]i(i) in a 1999
Real time imaging of calcium-induced localized proteolytic 1998
Seasonal cycle and population dynamics of the sea hare Aplysia 1998
The role of calcium in triggering growth cone formation and 1998
Induction of growth cone formation by transient and localized 1998
Simultaneous measurement of intracellular Ca2+ and asynchronous 1997
Long term survival of isolated axonal segments as revealed by in 1997
Biochemical Aspects of Marine Pharmacology. 1997
Localized and transient elevations of intracellular Ca2+ induce 1997
Low mobility of the Ca2+ buffers in axons of cultured 1997
Lifetime energy budget in the sea hare Aplysia oculifera. 1996
The role of de-novo protein synthesis and exogenous proteins in 1996
Acceleration of membrane recycling by axotomy of cultured 1996
Calpain activation is a crucial step in the initiation of growth 1996
Use of Aplysia neurons for the study of cellular 1996
Growth and metamorphosis of aplysia-oculifera larvae in 1995
Axotomy induces a transient and localized elevation of the free 1995
Electrophysiological characterization of a novel conotoxin that 1995
Alterations of voltage-activated sodium current by a novel 1995
A new family of conotoxins that blocks voltage-gated 1995
The survival of transected axonal segments of cultured aplysia 1994
Survival of isolated axonal segments in culture: Morphological, 1993
Spatiotemporal distribution of Ca2+ following axotomy and 1993
Resealing of the proximal and distal cut ends of transected 1993
Characterization of the electrophysiological effects of new 1993
Mollusc specific toxins from the venom of conus textile 1991
Patent Name  Year
A hybrid device with biological components. 2001
Biosensor for molecules. 2002
Packaging of electronic devices with a small exposed area to the 2003
Electronic device for communication with living cells. 2004


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