The Division for Advancement and External Relations  

Chairperson: Prof. Yair Weiss
Administrative Director: Zohar Marcovich
Tel: 972-2-549-4613; School's Secretary: 972-2-549-4504
Professors Emeriti:
               Barak, A.B., Ph.D. 1
               Beeri, C., Ph.D.
               Bercovier, M., D.?s Sc.2
               Kirkpatrick, S., Ph.D. (Senior Scientist)
               Lehmann, D., Ph.D.
               Lozinskii, E.L., Ph.D.
               Rabin, M.O., Ph.D.3
               Shamir, E., Ph.D. 4, 5
               Aharonov, D., Ph.D.
               Bartal, Y., Ph.D.
               Ben-Or, M., Ph.D.6
               Dolev, D., Ph.D.7, 8
               Feitelson, D.G., Ph.D.
               Friedman, N., Ph.D.
                   (Head, Computational Biology & Computer Science Studies Program)
               Joskowicz, L., Ph.D.
               Kupferman, O., Ph.D.
               Linial, N., Ph.D.
               Lischinski, D., Ph.D.
               Nisan, N., Ph.D.
               Peleg, S., Ph.D.
               Rabani, Y., Ph.D.
               Rosenschein, J.S., Ph.D.9
               Sagiv, Y., Ph.D.
               Samorodnitsky, A., Ph.D.
                   (Head, Computer Engineering Studies Program)
               Shashua, A., Ph.D.10
               Tishby, N., Ph.D.11
               Weinshall, D., Ph.D.
                   (Head, Computer Science Studies Program)
               Weiss, Y., Ph.D.
               Werman, M., Ph.D.
Associate Professors:
               Cohen, S., Ph.D.
               Fattal, R., Ph.D.
               Globerson, A., Ph.D.
               Hay, D., Ph.D.
               Kindler, G., Ph.D.
               Nahmias, Y., Ph.D.12, 13
                   (Head, Bioengineering Program)
               Rappoport, A., Ph.D.
               Schapira, M., Ph.D.
               Shalev-Shwartz, S., Ph.D.
               Wiesel, A., Ph.D.
Senior Lecturers:
               Abend, O., Ph.D.14, 15
               Buxboim, A., Ph.D.13
               Kaplan, T., Ph.D.
               Kochman, Y., Ph.D.
               Ligett, K., Ph.D.
               Schneidman, D., Ph.D.16
               Schwartz, O., Ph.D.
               Segev, G., Ph.D.
               Shahaf, D., Ph.D.17
               Zohar, A., Ph.D.
               Zoran, A., Ph.D.
Professors Emeriti:
               Ben-Yosef, N., Ph.D.
               Lewis, A., Ph.D.18
               Schieber, M.M., Ph.D.19
               Shappir, J., Ph.D.20
               Agranat, A.J., Ph.D.21
                   (Head, Applied Physics Department and Studies Program)
               Feldman, Y., Ph.D.
               Levy, U., Ph.D.22
                   (Head, Computer Engineering - Applied Physics Program)
               Roth, M., Ph.D.
Associate Professors:
               Marom, D.M., Ph.D.
               Paltiel, Y., Ph.D.
               Rapaport, R., Ph.D.23
Senior Lecturers:
               Bar-Gill, N., Ph.D.23
               Katz, O., Ph.D.
               Marcus, G., Ph.D.
Kamea Fellows:
               Dolkin, Y., Ph.D.
               Moziev, Y., Ph.D.
               Puzenko, A., Ph.D.
               Rosenchein, V., Ph.D.
1 Samuel and Will Strauss Professor of Computer Science (Emeritus)
2 Bertold Badler Professor of Computer Science (Emeritus)
3 Albert Einstein Professor of Mathematics (Emeritus)
4 Jean and Helena Alfassa Professor of Computer Science (Emeritus)
5 Also Einstein Institute of Mathematics
6 Jean and Helena Alfassa Professor of Computer Science
7 Bertold Badler Professor of Computer Science
8 Vice-President for Computation, and Chairperson, Computation Authority, Hebrew Univ
9 Samuel and Will Strauss Professor of Computer Science
10 Sachs Family Professor of Computer Sciences
11 Ruth and Stan Flinkman Family Endowment Professor of Brain Research; currently Dire
Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation, at The Edmond and Lily Safra Cente
12 Director, Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering
13 Also in Life Sciences: Department of Cell & Developmental Biology and
Bioengineering Program) and at the Alexander Grass Center for Bioengineering
14 Also in Department of Cognitive Science
15 John S. Cohen Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
16 Also in Department of Biological Chemistry, Silberman Institute of Life Sciences
17 Harry and Abe Sherman Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
18 Eric Samson Professor of Applied Science and Technology (Emeritus)
19 Nahman Jaller Professor of Applied Science (Emeritus)
20 Harry De Jur Professor of Applied Science (Emeritus)
21 Nahman Jaller Professor of Applied Science
22 Eric Samson Professor of Applied Science and Technology
23 Also at Racah Institute of Physics
   The founding of the School of Engineering and Computer Science in 1999 at the
   Hebrew University of Jerusalem was the culmination of a process of growth and
   development on the one hand, and the beginning of an entirely new entity, on
   the other. The School is geared to new and promising fields, as it has been
   since its inception in the late 1970s, initially as the Program for Computer
   Sciences in the Institute of Mathematics in the Faculty of Sciences, and later
   as an independent institute, since 1992. Computer Science continuously
   attracted a growing number of students, due in part to the large demand in
   Israel for professionals with advanced computer science education.
   The Institute of Computer Science comprises the first unit in the School of
   Engineering and Computer Science; the second unit, Computer Engineering,
   inaugurated its first class in 1999.
   In 2003, the Department of Applied Physics of the Herrmann Graduate School of
   Applied Science merged with the School of Engineering. This was followed by a
   new program in Computer Engineering with specialization in optoelectronics and
   microelectronics. The new program meets the challenge of training the engineer
   of the third millennium whose toolbox and modi operandi will be based on a wide
   basis of scientific knowledge, in constant need of upgrading. The new program
   also reflects the ongoing trend of fusing optoelectronics and microelectronics
   into one generic discipline, a major component of which is commonly termed:
   nanotechnology. The well established M.Sc. program in applied physics also
   continues under the wing of the School of Engineering.
   The School s purpose is to excel in research, and in tandem, to educate an
   elite crop of motivated and independent thinkers, with advanced scientific
   training, to become leaders in the high-tech industries of the future. Earlier
   research focus on the more theoretical aspects of computer science has combined
   with engineering oriented aspects of computers and computing. Today, software,
   hardware, theory, and applications are represented in both teaching and
   The main research areas of the Benin School of Engineering and Computer Science
   are: design, analysis and complexity of algorithms; parallel computer
   architecture and operating systems, reliable distributed systems; intelligent
   robotic sensing: computer vision, speech analysis, signal analysis, pattern
   recognition and robotics; data base design; artificial intelligence, neural
   networks and learning; computer networking and computer communication;
   cryptography and computer security; computer-aided design; internet and
   e-systems; quantum communication and computation; and biological systems. In
   the area of applied physics, the main research areas include
   nanocharacterization by near field microscopy; electroholographic switching in
   optical networks; VLSI methods of sampling neural cells; and dielectric


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