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Acting Director: Dr. Dimitry Shumsky
Academic Coordinator: Dr. Shmuel Barnai
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               Prof. Eli Lederhendler, Chairperson
               Dr. Gabriel Alexander
               Prof. Uri Bialer
               Prof. Johnny Gal
               Prof. Ruth Kark
               Prof. Uzi Rebhun
               Prof. Nathan Sussman
               Prof. Alexander Yakobson
   The Bernard Cherrick Center for the Study of Zionism, the Yishuv and the State
   of Israel, originally established in 1985 as an interdisciplinary research
   center to promote research on Zionism, Israel and related topics, is today
   housed in the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry. Along with the
   center's continued efforts to foster research in Zionist history, particularly
   through the Herzl Fellowship program, workshops, academic conferences and
   publication of studies, the center also incorporates four additional divisions:
   (a) "The History of the Hebrew University" Project;
   (b) The Kurt Gruenwald Fund, which sponsors research in the economic history of
   the Jews;
   (c) The Moshe Kol Fund;
   (d) The Elisia Fund for the history of the State of Israel.
   The major task of the center remains the initiation, promotion and coordination
   of research and teaching activities in the fields of Zionist history. The
   center also represents the Hebrew University in all inter-university and public
   academic activity regarding Zionist history, the Yishuv and the history of the
   State of Israel.
   Not by Spirit Alone: Studies in the Economic History of Modern Palestine and
   Israel, Collection of Essays, by Nachum T. Gross (editors: Haim Barkai, Hagit
   Lavsky and Jacob Metzer), Jerusalem, The Magnes Press and Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi,
   1999, 402 pp. (Hebrew).
   Theodor Herzl - Visionary of the Jewish State (editors: Gideon Shimoni and
   Robert Wistrich), Jerusalem and New York, The Magnes Press and Herzl Press,
   1999, 338 pp.
   Nation Building (Series no. 2 of the center's Forum Discussions, editors: Hagit
   Lavsky and Danny Jacoby), The Magnes Press, 2000, 132 pp. (Hebrew).
   Jewish Economic Entrepreneurship in Modern Times (editors: Shaul Stampfer and
   Ran Aaronsohn), The Magnes Press, 2000, 205 pp. (Hebrew).
   A Land Reflected in its Past Studies in Historical Geography of Palestine,
   Collection of Essays by Yehoshua Ben-Arieh (editors: Ran Aaronsohn and Hagit
   Lavsky), Jerusalem, The Magnes Press and Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi, 2001, 513 pp.
   From a National Movement to a State (Series no. 3 of the center's Forum
   Discussions, editors: Hagit Lavsky and Danny Jacoby), The Magnes Press, 2002,
   152 pp. (Hebrew).
   A Century of Israeli Culture (editor: Israel Bartal), Jerusalem, The Magnes
   Press, 2002, 288 pp. (Hebrew).
   Economy and Society in Mandatory Palestine 1918-1948 (editors: Avi Bareli and
   Nahum Karlinsky), The Ben-Gurion Research Center, 2003, pp.628 (Hebrew).
   State and Community (Series no. 4 of the Center's Forum Discussions, editors:
   Hagit Lavsky and Moshe Naor), Magnes Press, 2004, 196 pp. (Hebrew).
   In preparation:
   The History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, vol. 2: Consolidation and
   Development During the Mandate Times (editor: Hagit Lavsky with the assistance
   of Avner Molco), Jerusalem, The Magnes Press (Hebrew).
   (Series no. 5 of the Center's Forum Discussions, editors: Hagit Lavsky and
   Moshe Naor), Magnes Press (Hebrew).
   One of the center's main projects is its program of grants for Herzl Fellows,
   awarded annually to research students at the Hebrew University. The workshop of
   the Herzl Fellows is conducted in cooperation with the Harman Institute of
   Contemporary Jewry, and is open to other researchers and graduate students as
   The Kurt Grunwald Fund sponsors research in the economic history of the Jews.
   Since the 1994/95 academic year, an Academic Discussion Forum has operated at
   the Cherrick Center, dealing with issues on the front of public and academic
   discourse on Zionism and Israel. The discussions are published in a series
   titled: Selected Issues in the History of the Yishuv and the State of Israel.
   Three issues have appeared heretofore.
   The 1994/95 series One Land, Two Peoples
   The 1995/96 series Nation Building
   The 1996/97 - 1997/98 series The Formation of the State of Israel:
    The State of Research
   The 1998/99 - 1999/2000 series The State of Israel - Identity Card
   The 2000/01 - 2001/02 series The Cultural Map of Israel: Boundaries and
   The 2002/03 series The Military and the State of
   The 2003/04 series Historical Memory, Israeli
   March 22-23, 2004 - 100 years to the Second Aliya
   June 8-10, 2004 - Nationalism, Zionism, "Israeliness" and Jewish Identity, in
   honor of Prof. Hedva Ben-Israel - International Conference.


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