The Division for Advancement and External Relations  

Chairperson: Prof. Uzi Rebhun
Administrative Director: Ms. Dalia Sagi
Tel: 972-2-588-2466/7
Fax: 972-2-588-1243
Professors Emeriti:
               Abitbol, M., Ph.D.1, 2 (Jews in Asia and Africa, French Jewry)
               Altshuler, M., Ph.D.3 (Jews in the Soviet Union)
               Avni, H., Ph.D.4 (Jews in Latin America, Spain and Portugal)
               Bauer, Y., Ph.D.5 (Holocaust Studies)
               DellaPergola, S., Ph.D.6 (Jewish Demography and Statistics)
               Ezrahi (DeKoven Ezrahi), S., Ph.D. (Jewish Themes in Contemporary Literatu
               Gutman, Y., Ph.D.7 (Holocaust Studies, Zionism)
               Lavsky, H., Ph.D.8, 9 (History of Zionism, German Jewry and the Holocaust)
               Medding, P.Y., Ph.D. 10, 11 (Jewish Sociology, Politics of Israel)
               Mendelsohn, E., Ph.D.12, 13 (Jews of East Central Europe) (Deceased)
               Ofer, D., Ph.D.14, 15 (History of Zionism and the State of Israel, Teachin
               Shimoni, G., Ph.D.6 (History of Zionism, Jews of the British Commonwealth)
               Lederhendler, E., Ph.D.9, 16 (Jews in North America)
Associate Professors:
               Blatman, D., Ph.D.9 (Holocaust Studies)
               Rebhun, U., Ph.D.9, 17 (Jewish Demography and Statistics)
Adjunct Associate Professors (Retired):
               Levin, D., Ph.D.
Senior Lecturers:
               Dekel-Chen, J., Ph.D.9, 13, 18
               Goldberg, A., Ph.D.9
               Helman, A., Ph.D.9
Senior Researcher:
               Tolts, M., Ph.D. (Jewish Demography and Statistics)
1 Robert Assaraf Professor of the History of Morocco and Moroccan Jewry
2 Also former Department of African Studies, Institute of Asian and African Studies
3 Rabbi Edward Sandrow Professor of Soviet and Eastern European Jewry (Emeritus)
4 Salomon and Victoria Cohen Professor of Contemporary Latin America (Emeritus)
5 Jonah M. Machover Professor of Holocaust Studies (Emeritus)
6 Shlomo Argov Professor of Israel-Diaspora Relations (Emeritus)
7 Max and Rita Haber Professor of Holocaust Studies (Emeritus)
8 Samuel L. and Perry Haber Professor Emeritus of Post-Holocaust Studies
9 Also Department of the History of the Jewish People
10 Israel Goldstein Professor of the History of Zionism and the State of Israel (Emerit
11 Also Department of Political Science
12 Rachel and Michael Edelman Professor of the History of European Jewry & the Holocaus
13 Also Department of Russian and Slavic Studies
14 Max and Rita Haber Professor of Contemporary Jewry-Holocaust Studies
15 Also School of Education
16 Stephen S. Wise Professor of American Jewish History and Institutions
17 Shlomo Argov Professor of Israel-Diaspora Relations
18 Also Department of History
   The Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry offers programs leading toward the
   M.A. and the Ph.D. degrees with the object of training students for teaching
   and research in the historical, social, economic, educational, religious and
   cultural aspects of contemporary Jewish life. The Institute was founded in 1959
   by the late Prof. Moshe Davis, and today consists of 11 regional and thematic
   divisions, four archives and documentation centers, and two autonomous research
   American Jewish History and Institutions
   Director: Prof. Eli Lederhendler
   The objectives of this division are to train future scholars in American Jewish
   history and social science, and to develop and publish studies in those fields.
   Studies completed at the doctoral level since 2000 include a history of the
   Maimonides School of Boston, and a history of American Zionist settlers in
   mandatory Palestine, a comparative analysis of Jewish identity and assimilation
   in the work of Georg Simmel and Franz Boas (respectively), and a history of
   HIAS from 1909-1939.
   Ongoing research includes studies of the United Jewish Communities in America,
   Jews and their role in American rock music in the 1960s and 1970s, and
   educational responses to antisemitism on American campuses from the 1960s to
   the present.
   A study of postwar Jewish ethnicity in New York by Prof. Eli Lederhendler
   (supported by grants from the Israel Science Foundation and the Littauer
   Foundation), was published by Syracuse University Press: New York Jews and
   the Decline of Urban Ethnicity, 1950-1970.
   A volume in memory of the late Prof. Moshe Davis entitled: America and Zion:
   Essays in Memory of Moshe Davis, edited by E. Lederhendler and J.D. Sarna,
   Brandeis University, appeared in 2002 (Wayne State University Press).
   At present, the division is participating in an international research project
   aimed at producing a multi-volume anthology of Jewish culture, to be published
   by Yale University Press.
   Jews in Latin America, Spain and Portugal
   This division conducts an ongoing survey of the development of Jewish
   communities in Latin America and in the Iberian peninsula. Current research
   projects include the production of a detailed databank on the Sephardi and
   Oriental Jewish communities in Latin America, their mission and organization;
   an analysis of the presence of Latin America and immigrants from Latin America
   in Israeli life and culture; the relationship between Latin America and the
   Jewish people at the time of the Holocaust.
   Jewish Communities in Countries of the British Commonwealth
   This division covers Jewish communities in countries historically associated
   with the British Commonwealth, particularly the United Kingdom, Canada, South
   Africa, Australia and India. A study on the Jews of South Africa in the period
   of apartheid and the recent transformation of South Africa has been completed
   and published as Community and Conscience: The Jews in Apartheid South
   Africa (Brandeis University & University Press of New England, 2003).
   Jews in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
   Research projects of the division include: documentary history of Soviet Jewry;
   history of Polish Zionism; Russian Jewry in 1917; Soviet attitudes toward Jews
   seeking refuge in the USSR in 1941; Sovietization of Jewish communities in
   areas occupied by the USSR in 1939-41. A volume on the Yevsektsiya which
   appeared in Hebrew (Magnes Press, 1980) is being prepared for publication in
   English. Studies on Jewish socialism in Russia, Palestine and America, on Jews
   in East Central Europe between the wars and a documentary of Soviet Jewry - the
   latter in cooperation with Cambridge University Press - and a demographic study
   of the Jews in the USSR have been published. Comparative studies on the life of
   the Jews in Eastern Europe between the wars, the changes in the life of the
   Jewish community of the Caucasus in the 20th century and the plight of Jews
   fleeing the Nazi onslaught during World War II are also being conducted, as is
   a study of Jewish art in pre-World War I Galicia.
   Jews in Asia and Africa
   This division deals with contemporary history of the Jewish people in North
   Africa and the Middle East. Current projects include social change among
   Sephardi Jewry; North African Jewry during World War II; social integration of
   Oriental Jewry in Israel, Europe and America; preparation of teaching units for
   Israeli high schools.
   History of Zionism, the Yishuv and the State of Israel
   This teaching and research center on the social, ideological, political and
   cultural aspects of the Yishuv and the Zionist movement has produced studies on
   the history of the Yishuv, the Zionist labor movements, and Zionism and its
   opponents. In conjunction with other divisions of the Institute, area studies
   of Zionist movements in Poland, Germany, Britain, France, South Africa and
   Argentina have been published. A comprehensive study of the Zionist ideology
   from its beginnings until the establishment of the State of Israel has been
   published in English and Hebrew. Research on the Zionist movement since
   statehood and on Israel-Diaspora relations is currently in progress.
   Holocaust Studies
   Research and teaching in this division focuses on the following topics:
   Antisemitism and racism before, during and after the Holocaust; anti-Jewish
   Nazi policy, 1933-1939; Jews in the occupied countries of Europe; the "Final
   Solution" of European Jewry; concentration and death camps; Jewish life under
   the Nazis; Jewish resistance and revolt; Jews in the partisan movements;
   attempts to rescue Jews during the Holocaust; Jews and the people of occupied
   Europe and the free world; the Jewish people throughout the world and
   particularly in Palestine during the Holocaust; She'erit Ha-Pleita. The
   division works in close cooperation with Yad Vashem. A team of scholars who
   completed their studies in the division meet regularly to discuss ongoing
   research. The division is engaged in various research and publication projects
   in Israel and abroad. Many doctoral dissertations written under the guidance of
   the division have appeared in book form with the help of the division.
   Monte Nathanson Division for Jewish Education in the Diaspora
   This division is concerned with the study and improvement of Jewish education
   around the world. Current research projects include: a comparative study of the
   Zionist idea in contemporary Jewish educational systems; the teaching of Israel
   and contemporary Jewry in Mexico; the teaching of contemporary Jewry in Israeli
   education; Jewish education and Jewish identification in Australia;
   establishment of a data bank on programs for teaching Jewish studies in
   universities throughout the world; and the teaching of contemporary Jewish
   civilization in universities in the United States.
   A volume, Jewish Education Worldwide: Cross-Cultural Perspectives,
   edited by S. DellaPergola and H.S. Himmelfarb, has been published.
   Jewish Themes in Contemporary Literature
   The division offers a study program in comparative Jewish literature,
   encompassing comparative studies of modern Jewish literature as an imaginative
   discourse on the Jewish experience. Publications include a book on the
   Holocaust and the literary imagination and numerous articles on reflections of
   the Holocaust in Israeli culture generally and specifically in the writings of
   S.Y. Agnon, Aharon Appelfeld and Dan Pagis. A book on the articulations of
   displacement, exile, territoriality and homecoming in the modern Jewish
   imagination is being prepared.
   Sociological and Political Study of Contemporary Jewry
   This division focuses upon the sociological and political aspects of
   contemporary Jewish communities and their patterns of organization. Using the
   theories and methods of the social sciences, it gives special attention to
   Jewish communities in the Western world in the context of their environment and
   to the State of Israel.
   Jewish Demography and Statistics
   The purpose of this division is to gather detailed updated information on world
   Jewish population and to undertake and encourage research in this field. The
   demographic trends and prospects of the Jews in the various countries are
   investigated through large-scale surveys, the most recent of which were
   conducted in Mexico and in Lithuania. The division has published 27 volumes in
   the series Jewish Population Studies, which contains research
   monographs, periodical surveys of current studies, bibliographies and papers
   presented at international conferences convened by the division. A major
   statistical study of Jewish education in the Diaspora is being undertaken.
   Plans are in progress toward a series of new socio-demographic projections of
   Jewish populations in the major countries.
   Oral History Archive
   Director: Dr. Margalit Bejarano
   Assistant Director: Ms. Ricki Garti
   The Oral History Division conducts interviews within the framework of the
   Institute's research projects as well as in cooperation with institutions and
   groups outside the University. The division's archive (started in 1959)
   contains audio recordings and transcripts of over 8,000 individuals (many of
   which have been cited in scholarly works). The Oral History Division also
   functions as a library and is open to the public. The database is accessible
   via the ALEPH network; the OHD site is:;
   original interviews may be examined in the Archive reading room (contact Ms.
   Ricki Garti, Assistant Director, Tel: 972-2-588-2372).
   Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive of the Hebrew University - WZO
   Assistant Director: Ms. Deborah Steinmetz
   The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive is the world's largest depository of
   documentary films on Jewish themes, with an emphasis on Israel, both before and
   since Statehood. The collection, including dozens of films viewable via the
   Internet, is searchable online at:
   The Archive has published books and articles reflecting its research work and a
   number of titles are available for home video purchase. Documentary filmmakers
   frequently utilize the historical footage in productions and the Archive's
   resources are increasingly used within the university's academic frameworks.
   Documentation Center in Jewish Demography and Statistics
   Assistant Director: Ms. Judith Even
   The center contains over 8,000 items, including books, pamphlets, articles
   (original or photocopies), computer printouts and other research materials on
   the demography of World Jewry. Emphasis is placed on data from official
   statistical publications of the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition, a
   computer tape-library has been developed including - among other data - files
   with individual records of Jews from several official censuses and special
   population surveys. Also available is an extensive bibliographical card file
   referencing more than 20,000 publications in historical and contemporary
   The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism
   Chair: Prof. Robert S. Wistrich
   The Vidal Sassoon Center is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to
   an independent non-political approach to the accumulation and dissemination of
   knowledge necessary for understanding the phenomenon of antisemitism. The
   center engages in research on antisemitism through the ages, focusing on
   relations between Jews and non-Jews, particularly in situations of tension and
   The center convenes international conferences on antisemitism, conducts
   seminars and publishes historical studies and monographs. The Felix Posen
   Bibliographic Project provides an annotated bibliography of works on
   antisemitism available online, and publishes a print edition of the
   bibliography. (See Research Centers of the Faculty of Humanities.)
   The Cherrick Center for the Study of Zionism, the Yishuv and the State of
   Director: Dr. Dimitry Shumsky
   The Bernard Cherrick Center for the Study of Zionism, the Yishuv and the
   State of Israel, is an interdisciplinary research center promoting research
   on Zionism, Israel and related topics.
   (See Research Centers of the Faculty of Humanities.)
   In addition to an extensive publishing program carried out by each division,
   the Institute also publishes a Yearbook: Studies in Contemporary Jewry,
   in English, published for the Institute by Oxford University Press in New York.
   Volume 21 of this acclaimed series is in press.


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